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Childhood Meme

Stolen from one, Ms. minikitkatgirl ...

I have to apologise in advance because American school splits (kindergarten, elementary and high school) have always confused the hell out of me so I have tried to interpret them into my own splits (infant, junior and secondary).


1. What year were you born? 1987

2. Where did your parents live when you were born? Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

3. Did you have any older siblings or a twin? Nope

4. What was your first word? It depends. My first garbled word was “wassat” as in “what’s that?” but my mum swears the first proper thing I said was “Henry Kelley” who was a TV show host 0_o I was a late talker so I went straight to two words. My mum was convinced I wouldn’t talk until I could hold an (albeit boring) conversation.

5. What did your parents name you? Catherine Anne – Catherine after a character in “Flowers in the Attic”, a woman that sleeps with her brother (nice) and apparently Anne was all that would go with it. It was meant to be Katherine so it could be shortened to Kate but my dad spelt it wrong when he registered me. D’oh!

6. By the time you were two, did you have any toddler buddies? I doubt it. I’m pretty sure I barely left the house!

7. What was one of your favourite toys when you were a toddler? My bear, Heart. I think it was a rip-off Care Bear but I had it when I was born and still, in fact, have him. 

8. Are you able to remember anything specific from when you were a toddler? I don’t really remember how old I was when stuff happened. I remember pre-school I was chosen to be an experiment for a University student study which was fun. I still have his report somewhere which is hilarious.

9. Did you go to preschool? If so, where? We don’t call it pre-school but I went to Playschool at the Bransbury Park Centre.

10. Were you rebellious or well-behaved as a young child? I was generally well-behaved.

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My 2009...

Well, 2009 has been quite a year considering I didn't have anything remotely planned for this year. Let's have a look at a glance, shall we? (By the way, this is more for my memory so don't feel you need to read it!)
My Year in ReviewCollapse )So what do I have to look forward to in 2010? Seeing Micky Dolenz in Hairspray at the West End, more concerts in Videoranch, a trip or two to the States maybe to meet up with friends made via the web? Hopefully there will be much good health this year and good fortune. As it stands, we may still not move as the vendor and tennant are messing us around which would be a real shame. I am thankful for all the friendships I have made this year, you have all been amazing and have really helped to make this an outstanding (and sometimes bareable) year.

May you all have a wonderful 2010!

Catherine xox

Secret Santa Love Meme

Share the love at Christmas!

Instructions and my page via the above link :)

LOVE Blog: Part 1



DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a review! There are opinions involved but this is a highly detailed account of the show (or as much detail as I can recount). I don’t focus too heavily on the music as so many people better qualified have done this but I feel the show itself and the people involved always seem to fall by the wayside. So this blog is for them and fans of the performance as well as the music.

I am writing this blog for two reasons. One: because I have such a terrible memory for detail and want to get everything down while it’s all still pretty fresh in my memory. And two: so other fans can hopefully relive the magic that is LOVE. If there are any parts that I may have missed or you would like to contribute your own story of your LOVE experience then please either leave a comment below or e-mail me at catherine@thereelworlduk.com. I would love to hear other people’s memories!

Read more...Collapse )End of Part 1...

LOVE Blog: Part 2


As everyone leaves the stage. Four screens come down, each with a Beatle on them. Once again, recorded footage is put together to create an amusing conversation between the four of them as they tune up and get ready for the next song. There is a brief moment where Paul starts to sing Hey Jude but is interrupted, his guitar is out of tune, Ringo has a mental moment and John makes up a random tune. It ends with John (I think) counting “One, two, three, four.” As the images freeze, the screens go back up and an original recording of Strawberry Fields Forever begins. The stage rises and on the platform appears Dr Robert and the Nowhere Men standing around a grand piano. Robert pours ‘tea’ into the piano and the four Nowhere Men put their hands in together and turn to the audience to blow bubbles out through their fingers. It’s a very cool trick and as the song progresses, the bubbles grow in size as they use rings to make them, sometimes making bubbles with smoke in them which gives a cool effect. They walk round the piano creating these bubbles and as the song builds to it’s instrumental climax, the platform descends as Sgt. Peppers band parade the stage and people on golden orbs come down. One thing I noticed that made me laugh second time round was that the poor guys playing the Nowhere Men were getting drenched in bubble liquid and as the platform went down they were subtly trying to dodge the bursting bubbles, nice candid moment.   

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 Some parts I don’t doubt are incorrect and I welcome any corrections! I hope you garnered something from this obscenely epic post, whether it was to relive the experience or to jog your memory of what happened during a certain song. I hope that one day the show will be available on DVD but the likelihood is low, for now at least. Please go see this show, buy the soundtrack, it’s a truly amazing experience! Thanks for listening. :) 


50 Years Today...

I have been thinking about this blog for a while now. What I'd say, how I could make it interesting and effective. And then yesterday I realised that it doesn't matter, It's never seemed to matter.

50 years ago today in Iowa, one of the princes of Rock n' Roll was killed in a plane crash at the age of 22. Buddy Holly was one of the greatest musicians and one of the most influential people on the music scene, producing and writing much of his own work. Not to mention the fact that it's damned good too! It still holds up and you can occasionally hear it in films and on TV (one of my favourites, Everyday, is used on the Daily Mail advert at the moment). He proved very influential on future artists such as Hank Marvin of The Shadows and most notably The Beatles. Partially paying homage to The Crickets with their name, Paul McCartney and John Lennon were both big fans, even covering Words of Love.

And yet so few people care anymore. Elvis is lauded as the King of Rock n' Roll when he didn't even write his own stuff. I know I can't really judge, a lot of people say you had to be there but I don't think that should be a solid excuse. I've never understood the appeal of Elvis but media and marketing suggest I'm in a minority. Calendars, mugs, clocks, posters, bags, ironing board covers, towels...all can be found with Elvis on it. Anniversary of his death, TV shows, documentaries, films run for the whole week. BBC4 is having a Buddy Holly night tomorrow (not sure why, I guess it was the 4th to us when he died) which I am pleased about, at least someone is making an effort.

This isn't a dig at Elvis, he was just the most obvious example. And merchandising is a sensitive area as a lot of that has to do with Buddy's widow having a tight grip on it. But this still doesn't change the fact that Buddy seems to have fallen into undeserved obscurity.

I was hoping to be in Lubbock today, the place of his birth, to celebrate his life and music with other fans. Sadly, it fell through but imagine my dismay when I learned that no such festivities were planned. For a city that supposedly hails him as "Lubbock's favorite son", they don't seem too interested in remembering him. I believe there is a panel with a Rock n' Roll historian at the Buddy Holly Center, that's all I can find. If anyone could truly preserve his memory it's them and if they no longer care, then I fear no-one will.

You probably don't know or care either and I don't blame you, the music's over 50 years old, it's different but that doesn't mean it's bad. I implore you, take just 3 minutes out of your life, go over to YouTube and listen to one song. Just one. I'm not asking you to love it, I just want people to give it a chance, I want it to stay alive. If you have BBC4, stop by there tomorrow evening just for an idea, maybe watch The Buddy Holly Story (it's a great film!).

Rave On.
Wow. Great news at work today! Zurich have decided that within general insurance (which is me) they are going to make 700-900 people redundant. Most people were half expecting it but it's completely taken me by surprise and to say I'm a bit gutted is a major understatement. I know I moan about it sometimes but it is the perfect job for me and I don't think I could find anything else like it! Apart from the fact that I REALLY don't want to have to start looking again, just the thought of leaving is depressing enough.

We're not sure whose gonna go and we won't know for about another month but no-one is very confident at Whiteley, we think we'll be given the chop. Or at least some of us. We're more worried because, now that they're going paper-less, they won't have as much need for clercial staff.

*sigh* I guess it's just a waiting game now. I'll just browse the job ads, see how it goes.  

May. 17th, 2008

 So, it's the FA Cup final today. Portsmouth vs Cardiff. The whole city is decked out in blue and white, everyone's very excited about the prospect of holding that cup for the first time in 69 year. I'm looking forward to it too but I'm not gonna get too excited, we haven't been playing great lately. Dad wants to go see it down at the Common on the big screen they've set up. They reckon there will be about 20,000 people down there. It would be a great environment but they think it's going to be a washout and I don't want to be surrounded by grown men sobbing if we lose. It's just a game guys! There's always next year. 


WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 in regular play. I'm so pleased for everybody. Harry Redknapp totally deserved to win that trophy as did the team. The noise outside was amazing, it's still going occasionally. They're doing a bus tour round Pompey tomorrow with the FA Cup so we'll probably go see them somewhere enroute. Happy days! :)
I am SOOOOOOO bored! My parents have gone away for a long weekend so I have the house to myself. That all seemed well and good but I just totally don't know what to do with myself. I can't watch the TV cos mum's recording Heroes and I can't decide on a DVD to watch. I feel like writing something but my mind is drawing a complete blank. And to top it all off, I keep thinking it's Friday!! Maybe I should just go to bed...How dull.

I missed the second ep of Enterprise S2 on the TV which is never good. As soon as I forget an episode it justs gets worse until I give up completely. Chuck's still good though it's wavering a bit. Why is TV just so crap lately? Sarah Connor Chronicles ended up being awful. The last episode just made me feel like I'd wasted about 9 hours of my life because absolutely NOTHING was resolved! They must've been pretty confident that they were going to get another series, and talk about a rubbish cliffhanger. Bleugh. Give me Quantum Leap or The A-Team any day, just good fun telly :)

Well, that kept me busy for a few minutes at least...now what?


Ever wondered what REALLY happened to Herbert West? Well, today I found out! He's actually living over here, in Lemington Spa and is retired. Unfortuately, he's had a bit of an accident because we received a claim from him on his Mercedes (where did he get the money for that, I wonder?) I was absolutely cracking up at this piece of post from Mr West (not Dr unfortunately) and nobody else got it. What a waste. It's just a shame it wasn't actually one of our claims, maybe someone in motor will get a laugh out of it too.

And horray for the weekend! I thought it would never arrive!